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We highly recommend this essential oil to anyone who wishes to create its own brand, or as a new product for  owners and/or suppliers of existing brands. Why Golden Oil is strongy recommended and what advantages does it offer your clients? 

R&D staff at the factory did their best to create a top quality product. In particular, in choosing the best ingredients for their properties like bee peptides (bee venom), caviar extract and golden silk extract. Additionally, it contains Marula oil which is rich in oleic acid, and is ECOCERT certified organic. The highly stable and effective ingredients are produced by the plant’s high-precision blending equipment after several formulations and proportion adjustments. 

These qualitative ingredients acts effectively on sensitive and thin skin.

When you wear a mask for a long period each day, it’s like torture for your skin! 

Basic disposable mask fabric can easily grind the face skin back and forth. The sweat and humidity on your face, and the caterpillar-like anaerobe can easily swallow your fragile epidermal cells, making you face prone to acne or become extremely sensitive, irritated and weak. 

Humidity and sweltering heat are the enemies of sensitive skin and promote acne. A component as similar as possible to skin natural oil is needed to act as a bridge to repair and nurish damaged skin. When using this ingredient, one feels  comfortable and protected because  it forms a transparent protective film and defense wall on the skin that protect it against the grinding effects of wearing a mask for hours every day.


Rosae face  tends to occur in middle-aged women. According to unofficial statistics, one in ten women aged between 30 and 50 has a leek skin. 

On the other hand, about one in every 20 people in the U.K. is affected by rosacea, and about 415 million people worldwide suffer from rasocea.

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