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1. Suitable for use in cream and essence oil 2. No extra scent is recommended since it has its own flavor 3. The concentration ratio may be adjusted based on customer needs

Tamanu Oil is a traditional prescription medication from generation to generation. 

It is also called Holy Oil and Holy Tree by the local residents. It is considered as one of the most sacred gifts of nature by the Polynesians.


Tamanu Oil contains a unique calophyllic aci.Tests on fungi and bacteria have shown that Tamanu Oil has strong antibacterial properties and can kill both human and animal-borne pathogens.

Production process:

Ripe fruits are harvested manually by local people, seeds indoors are taken out for subsequent production processes.

Brown seeds are exposed to natural air-drying during a month without artificial heating or air drying.

The seeds are naturally cold pressed by hand or machine without the use of a chemical additive, and the oil is extracted and filtered using filter paper only.

50 volunteers confirmed the tests:

1. 100 % Virgin Bégonia oil

2. Confirmed that Qiongya Begonian oil is very gentle and non-allergen

3. Subjects had no discomfort or side effects