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1. This component can be used weither in essence, cream, essence oil or facemask, etc. 2. The concentration ratio may be adjusted based on customer needs


Natural honey provides skin care benefits such as moisturizing, wrinkle-reducing and strengthening skin protection against environmental damage. 

Honey is also perfectly compatible with the skin due to its protein molecular size similar to skin tissue. Its nutrients, natural amino acids and moisturizing action enables an optimal absorption and penetration that quickly replenishes skin. In addition, thanks to its specific structure, it forms a natural protective film on the surface that will prevent moisture from evaporating fast after the natural skin health mechanism has been restored. It is especially recommended for dry and sensitive skin.


It contains various peptides, enzymes and bio-active ingredients. Experiments demonstrate that while BeeTox enhances whitening it contributes as well to fight against wrinkles and acne. 

Renowed for their beneficial properties, Melittin, Apamine, phospholipase A2 and MCD-peptide are among the main ingredients.