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1. Suitable for use in essence and facemask 2. The concentration ratio may be adjusted based on customer needs

It is a valuable green seaweed and a rich nutriment with high economic value. Difficult growing conditions and high water quality demands make farming challenging. 


Green Caviar contains a variety of essential amino acids, micronutrients, unsaturated fats, polysaccharides and vitamins. 


★ To preserve its biological features, production requires the proprietary patented manufacturing process used in pure natural matter and cold extraction. 

★ Physically separating  and purififying the molecular sieve gives the extract a higher concentration of active ingredients. 

★ Green Process: Low stimulation, low energy consumption, low pollution and high performance. 

Ingredient Features:

Improve the protection of the skin against environmental damage, reinforce the protection capacity of the epidermis, restore the radiance of the skin and delay its aging process. 

Leaves your face with a tight and healthy skin tone.