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1. Suitable for use in cream and essence oil 2. No extra scent is recommended since it has its own flavor 3. The concentration ratio may be adjusted based on customer needs

Tamanu Oil: A Powerful Ingredient for Private Label Skincare

Tamanu Oil, also known as Holy Oil or Holy Tree, is valued among some cultures for its natural qualities. And its significance extends beyond cultural borders, making it a sought-after ingredient in the skincare industry. 

Embraced by private label skin care vendors and wholesale skincare distributors alike, Tamanu Oil finds its place in formulations crafted by skincare manufacturing companies and skin care line manufacturers. As a favored component in private label face serums, it exemplifies the commitment to quality upheld by private label manufacturers and OEM/ODM skincare providers.

The Tamanu Oil is one of the main components of Repair skin & Sensitivity cream FO-10

Unique Attributes of Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil contains calophyllic acid, a notable compound known for its potent antibacterial properties. Rigorous testing has demonstrated its effectiveness against various pathogens, making it a valuable addition to skincare formulations.

Production Process of Tamanu Oil

Sourced from local communities, ripe Tamanu fruits undergo a careful extraction process. Then,

The overall extraction process focuses on natural and gentle methods without chemicals or artificial processes to preserve the quality and purity of the extracted Tamanu oil.

Validation through Testing

In a study involving 50 participants, the purity and effectiveness of Tamanu Oil were evaluated. The outcomes included:

Application in the Skincare Industry

Tamanu Oil holds great promise in the skincare industry, making it an excellent choice for private label skin care vendors, wholesale skincare distributors, and private label face serum manufacturers. Its natural properties, combined with its efficacy and purity, make it a valuable ingredient for skincare product lines. Whether for custom skincare manufacturing or white label skincare products, Tamanu Oil offers a blend of tradition and effectiveness for skincare product distribution.