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Formula, BEETOX HR
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1. This component can be used either in essence, cream, essence oil or facemask, etc. 2. The concentration ratio may be adjusted based on customer needs


Honey is known for its myriad benefits in skincare, and its integration into the beauty industry underscores the innovative strides made in skincare manufacturing. 

Honey's blend of antioxidants, hydrogen peroxide and anti-bacterial compounds provide an array of benefits that boost its status among active ingredients.

As demand grows for effective yet mild products, honey presents opportunities for skincare contract manufacturers. Formulating a private label face serum or moisturizer with honey allows product distributors to introduce innovative solutions within skincare private label and expand their presence in the skin care wholesale market.

Overall, honey empowers brands and beauty product OEM partners to deliver real impact through customized formulations.

The Honey is one of the main components of Golden Essence Oil FO-7


BEETOX HR is a cutting-edge ingredient that has captured the attention of the skincare industry. Enriched with various peptides, enzymes, and bio-active components, BEETOX HR showcases the innovative capabilities of custom skincare manufacturing. This powerful ingredient not only enhances skin brightening but also plays a significant role in combating wrinkles and acne, making it a valuable addition to wholesale skincare and beauty product OEM portfolios.

Private label skin care vendors and manufacturers involved in skincare manufacturing recognize BEETOX HR's potential to address diverse skincare concerns. Its formulation capabilities, highlighted by ingredients like Melittin, Apamine, phospholipase A2, and MCD-peptide, make it a sought-after ingredient for OEM/ODM skincare and white label skincare products.

As the demand for effective skincare solutions continues to rise, BEETOX HR presents new opportunities for private label skin care vendors and wholesale skincare distributors. By incorporating BEETOX HR into their product offerings, they can cater to the evolving needs of consumers and expand their presence in the skincare product wholesale and distribution market. With BEETOX HR, skincare product distribution channels can introduce innovative products that deliver tangible benefits to consumers, further solidifying their position in the competitive beauty industry.

The BEETOX HR is one of the main components of Golden Essence Oil FO-7

Both Honey and BEETOX HR illustrate the potential of custom skincare manufacturing to meet consumer demands for effective, natural ingredients.