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Formula, SALT STAY-C ® 50
style Any skin types
1. Suitable for use either in essence, cream, essence oil or facemask, etc. 2. The concentration ratio may be adjusted based on customer needs

SALT STAY-C ® 50: Enhance Skin Radiance

SALT STAY-C® 50, also known as Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate Lactic Acid, is recognized by Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare as one of 13 ingredients suitable for skin care. This component, derived from vitamin C and natural enzymes, stands out for its stability and effectiveness in private label skin care products.

This ingredient is highly soluble in water, making it a perfect choice for skincare product wholesale, especially for businesses focusing on private label manufacturing. Its stability in water solutions also makes it a favorite among wholesale skincare and OEM/ODM skin care lines.

Vitamin C is known for its role in balancing the skin's appearance, particularly by supporting a uniform skin tone. This action is beneficial for products aimed at enhancing the skin's natural brightness, offered by many skincare manufacturing and skin care line manufacturers. It's a valuable addition to any private label face serum, offering benefits that help maintain the skin's natural beauty.

In addition to its brightening benefits, SALT STAY-C® 50 is known for its comprehensive skincare advantages, which include:

The SALT STAY-C® 50 is one of the main components of Vitamin C serum FO-9

Salt STAY-C® 50 (图1)(After 12 weeks)

Salt STAY-C® 50 (图2)(After 12 weeks)

Bio Ski-Tech.'s commitment to excellence in skincare product distribution, wholesale skincare, and white label skincare opportunities positions SALT STAY-C® 50 as a versatile and potent ingredient. Its integration into products by skin care contract manufacturing and private label manufacturers underlines its significant value in the beauty sector, affirming it as an indispensable ingredient for brands dedicated to offering superior skincare solutions.