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Harnessing the Power of Trehalose Multifaceted Skincare Benefits

Harnessing the Power of Trehalose

Our newest skincare innovation features Trehalose, a unique hydrating and protective ingredient. Derived from natural sources like American corn starch and Thai cassava starch, Trehalose stands out for its sugar-based moisturizing properties and stabilizing effects in emulsions.

Multifaceted Skincare Benefits

Trehalose excels in several key areas:

One of the main components of Rafael Facial Cleanser Ra-1

Applications in Skincare Products

This ingredient is versatile, finding its way into various skincare applications:

Incredible Trehalose

Some plants or insects become more alive after being hydrated by trehalose in the body.
Ten thousand years pine (Japan: rock cypress or rock cypress)

INCI-GLYCOSYL TREHALOSE(图1)Trehalose: A Skincare Revolution

In summary, Trehalose is more than just a hydrating agent; it's a comprehensive solution for maintaining skin health, offering protection, nourishment, and stability in a range of skincare products.